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Incredible India Indeed

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of another country that divides opinions like India. Whenever you read or hear about travel experiences in there, they are always about nothing else but either strongly loving or hating the country. I think I ended up doing both at the same time. Prepare your Imodium and I’ll put … Continue reading Incredible India Indeed

Slipping Into Ar-Mania

In this now disease-ridden and fast changing world, it seems like my time spent in Armenia – only a couple of months ago – is already starting to get slightly unrelatable. Finding motivation on writing about such a different experience than that we are undergoing at the moment, really took me a while. Then I … Continue reading Slipping Into Ar-Mania

Twenty and Nine Iranian Nights

Having mostly covered people, attitudes, economy and social impacts in my first post about traveling Iran, I felt like I still have more to share about the country. The following will hopefully widen the overall picture of Iran by scratching the surface of culture related topics and my overall observations. And hey, let’s face it … Continue reading Twenty and Nine Iranian Nights

Southeast Asia in Pictures

In this post I only mean to gather some of my favourite pictures from the first backpacking trip, excluding Indonesia, which I’ve already written more about. Last two months of the trip I was doing quite a normal route from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Some actual content coming up either never or much … Continue reading Southeast Asia in Pictures

Summed up: Indonesia

The following is partly gathered from old texts and pictures taken during a month long stay in the winter of 2017. The trip started with a cheap flight to Bali from where I quickly moved on to the island of Java to spend the most of my time in the country. Bali Now that I … Continue reading Summed up: Indonesia

The Opening Words

Now that I’m getting the site up and running, I thought I could point out some thoughts behind the project. The upcoming background information is also supposed to reveal a bit about what kind of posts to expect from me and why they are published in the first place. The last couple of years have … Continue reading The Opening Words

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