The Opening Words

Now that I’m getting the site up and running, I thought I could point out some thoughts behind the project. The upcoming background information is also supposed to reveal a bit about what kind of posts to expect from me and why they are published in the first place.

The last couple of years have been pretty intense for me. After graduating as a Bachelor of Hospitality Management, I resigned my flat and packed up my backpack pretty much right away. Since then, I have made two longer backpacking trips to Asia and willingly moved around a lot due to short period jobs. Now that I’m making some big changes in life and starting another solo trip once again, I figured out I could give writing a try. Having countries like Iran and Georgia soon in sight, I’ve come to realize that certain people are even seriously willing to know about my journey.

I was always somewhat interested in documenting my thoughts and experiences and being more creative in general, but never really had the time and energy for it on the road. When ending up working in Lapland in spring of 2018, I found myself spending my free time on writing, which I frankly enjoyed. The thing is that those posts about my Southeast Asia trip never went public. Because I quickly ended up working crazy hours, I already went on another trip before the project was even half way done. This time, I’m actually planning to give myself some extra time for writing on the road and strive to get the basics done before leaving. While doing so, I’ll publish some of my old texts and probably do a few summaries of the countries I’ve visited.

Oh and hey! Just in case a flying fuck has been given by somebody else but one my closest friends, here’s a little briefing on my previous trips:

The first three-month backpacking trip to Asia included Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. So yes, a very basic route to a Western first timer, which quickly clarified my values on traveling to me. Thanks to the variety of the experiences, I could soon tell that I what I loved the most, were the least touristic destinations and the real sense of adventure. Getting to do something different and having authentic experiences seemed to matter the most.

This is probably why my second trip ended up sounding a little random to others. But to me, three months in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, India and Nepal seemed to give me those new experiences and authenticity. The trip was accompanied by amazing food, exciting people and some damn stunning mountains in the background. The first destination was actually spontaneously picked due to never having heard of the country before, which tells you something about the mindset.

Instead of some pretentious, snobby and faked social media click whoring material, I’m aiming to share some real experiences and feelings of what I’ve seen and done. I am happy to share some of my favourite pictures (which are hopefully getting better by time) and do my best on inspiring others on my lifestyle and values. If there’s anything you can expect from the future posts, it’s possibly the personal and plain-spoken style to explain about destinations and people.

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